Friday, May 30, 2008

Beating up the bullies

From today's Charlottetown Guardian, covering the Island like the Dew....


To make a long story short, a kid was a frequent victim of bullies on his school bus on PEI. School buses are a tough one, one adult trying to keep everyone alive while the kids run wild. My bus ride was an hour each way when I went to school on PEI.

So, the kid gets hit with some Nerf darts, flips, and grabs an axe from the front of the bus and heads towards his attackers. Some other kids stop him -- either through talking or grabbing, probably both.

Now here is where my observations of my fellow Islanders comes into play. No one likes a bully, and the best response to bullying is always to fight back. I have had a number of bloody noses for that line of thinking.

I was one of the smaller bookish kids they are talking about getting bullied, but I also have a temper and learned early on that getting punched only hurts so much... a lesson I suppose I'll have to someday teach my infant son. Thanks tackle football, I learned pain management well.

"Listen son, I'm not saying to hit these guys, but if you do, hit hard and don't stop until someone makes you stop." He's a big kid, I feel bad for the bullies.

Getting away from bullies is like getting away from a bear, you only have to be faster than the other guys, not the bear. You have to make yourself an undesirable target. I will raise my boy to not be a victim.

As my Dad always said, "Well, if he hits you first..."

So, I've been pushed around on the bus, but my ego seems to have escaped unscathed, I was faster than the other "bookish" kids.

I've seen horrific things on school buses in PEI. Bus bullying has a long history on "The Gentle Island", and I understand the response... in favor of the kid with the axe.

The comments section following the article is very much in favor of the kid with the axe.... no kidding. Here is a selection:

-- The bullies on the bus are to blame. It should be their names that are printed and they need to be held accountable for their actions.

-- What those bullies need is a good sh!t kicking. Its too bad the only weapon the poor kid had was an axe, that wa a bit much. A baseball bat would have made the proper point, quit bullying my or the next time it won't be a bat.

-- Apparently, yesterday, he finally had enough of their crap. Hope the discipline dished out to the bullies is at least as harsh as the kid who picked up the axe. Actually, I hope the kid who was bullied gets no discipline, whatsoever.

-- I hate to say this, but if the bullies had gotten a taste of the axe, I wouldn't have much sympathy for them. They brought it on themselves.

-- If that kid got the chance to whack one of those Bullies with the axe....... there'd no more bullying on that bus! I feel bad for that axe-wielding kid.

-- It's interesting how everyone seems to be in agreement that the bullies need a harsher punishment than the kid who picked up the axe...Let's hope the school board feels the same way as well.

-- Stop making this kid sound like an axe swinging murderer. He was goin to hit him with the wooden end! It would have hurt but not likely killed.

-- If I was the kid who was being bullied, I would have done the same thing, and there had been times where i had felt that way. I feel there is no solution to stop bullying.

-- Yes, we must NOT blame the kid with the axe - as one can only handle so much.......maybe a good whack would have stopped the bullies from ever bullying again! they need a good pounding put on them!!

-- Its really to bad, he didnt kick some As*

-- i applaud this young fella for standing up for himself this happens too much and it took a lot of balls to stand up for himself and i bet you he feels like a new man now

The people of PEI have spoken... it is OK to weild an axe at a bully, as long as you don't use the sharp end.

Me, I would have just recommended a crazy flurry of punches, until they made you stop.... or they beg for mercy.