Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Scary things in Statcounter

I track my hits, and I stay at a pretty consistent level. i also track the search terms that bring people here, and, at the risk of sounding paranoid, I think they are out to get me, and not in that fun Guns and Roses kind of way.

These are some of the terms showed my blog:

double o tranny -- I called Transcontinental Media 'Tranny Cons" after they shut down The Daily News, makes sense.

olson twinnin -- from a Roots song I talked about here, "The good rapeprs ain't eatin'/ they Olson Twinnin'" I also got a hit for "she told me that the radios been playin the same song all day long"

evangeline lilly in the flesh -- I made a cheeky comment about the "sexy misadventures" the talented Ms. Lilly in my Lost post.

kent driscoll guide service -- They are searching for my name doppleganger, world reknowned crappie fisherman Kent Driscoll of Cordova Tennessee. Me, I'm just a crappy fisherman. Someday I'll interview Kent Driscoll, and the universe will implode.

michael stipe they airbrushed my face -- I mentioned that classic photo in a post about the AWG blog, which featured my giant head.

Now here is where it gets weird:

kent north dies

Someone actually searched the terms "kent north dies"... on April 27th, from Talahassee, Florida. Like John From Cincinatti likes to say, "I got my eye on you."

EDITOR'S NOTE: John from Cincinatti was cancelled. I loved that show.