Friday, May 16, 2008

Inside Job

Ever think that reporters are all in it together, some sort of liberal media conspiracy.... here is some evidence. From today's Nunatsiaq News, on the closure of the infamous Kamotiq Restaurant in Iqaluit:

THAT'S MY HAMBURGER. There were five reporters at that table. Check out what one of them had to say about the Kamotiq's last day:

The Kamotiq has been closed before - by the liquor inspector, the fire inspector, the health inspector, and by its own staff, when they decided to not show up to work. But this time, it seems, the closure is permanent.

Or better yet, read the story yourself here

I hadn't been there in months, mostly because the smoke pouring from the kitchen was deemed unsafe for our baby... no one likes a kid that sweats grease.

EDITOR'S NOTE: All photos brazenly stolen from Nunatsiaq News.