Friday, July 18, 2008

I am America, and so can you

Stephen Colbert is America's last best hope.

Who else could say this with a straight face:

"Throughout the 1970s, white men were caricatured in “whitesploitation” films like Death Wish and Annie Hall."

Enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blogging bits

Since it is summer, blogging has slowed to a crawl. A stop even. So, to tide you over until the snow starts flying again, some bits of blog, short ones:

-- I caught my first char on Sunday, after three years trying. He was small, but had hooked himself so bad, catch and release wasn't an option. I got blood all over my sunglasses trying to put him out of his misery.

-- Our son is so tall that when he went to the doctor yesterday, he was too tall for the baby measure they have. Joseph Too Tall fears nothing. He is standing and dancing, just not walking yet, but he started giving everyone high fives yesterday.

-- Tonight on APTN National News, I find a way to carry a slushie on camera for most of a story. Worst tasting slushie ever, I think they forgot the sugar. In related news, it went up to 23 degrees on Monday.

-- The Swedish military landed in force on the weekend. The poor guy I was talking to, the only words I said that he understood were "Mats Sundin". NHL, cutting through cultural barriers.

-- In the last two weeks I've seen a handful of CF-18's and the Swedish jets taking off from the airport. Wow... so loud, as I live next door to the airport.

-- I have a new talent, now I am going to be doing a little camera work to go with my on air stuff. The more skills I can add up, the better. News is all moving toward one medium. If you want to have a career in it, you better learn how to use all the tools. On that subject though, if you own a chisel, you aren't always a carver, so we'll see.

-- Saturday is Parks Day, my first solo shooting assignment. No bears please.

See you in September :)