Monday, June 2, 2008

The Comeback Id

“I don’t think I should take any shit from anybody on that, do you?”
-- Former President William Jefferson Clinton

Great article in Vanity Fair (click above for the link)on Bill Clinton's post-presidential career, and how do you control a force of nature prone to hubris and lapses of judgement.

They get into how his temper fuels Hillary, his association with Belinda Stronach, and Canadian mining firms.

For Democratic self abuse, take this quote:
“The ills of the Democratic Party can be seen perfectly in the willingness of fellow Democrats to say bad things about President Clinton. If you ask any Republican about Reagan they will say he still makes the sun rise in the morning, but if you ask Democrats about their only two-term president in 80 years, a man who took the party from the wilderness of loserdom to the White House and created the strongest economy in American history, they’d rather be quoted saying what a reporter wants to hear than protect a strong brand for the party. Republicans look at this behavior and laugh at us.”

Lots of allegations of womanizing as well.. a good read from beginning to end.