Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ticking Time Bomb

EDITOR'S NOTE: This post is all PEI inside chatter. If you have a passing interest in eccentric millionaries, Liberal Party politics and small town pushing matches, read on. Or, if you follow PEI politics, you'll dig it. Otherwise, tomorrow I'll rant about the Lost finale.

Tim Banks has a blog.

If you aren't from PEI, this will mean very little to you. To me, it is an unrivaled source of potential chaos.

Mr. Banks is one of those PEI business figures who looms over the province like the mist from potato chemicals. He owns APM, which is responsible for most of the new construction on PEI and much of the Maritimes. He also owns a home which may or may not be illegally placed on PEI's sand dunes.

He is further more a well connected Liberal, and former party President on PEI. Paul Martin comes to PEI, he stays at Tim Banks', I don't know if he is tight with Dion or not.

Banks is a self-made millionaire, and a bit of an ecentric one. He loves to be in the press, and whenever one of his developments has faced a zoning problem, he is front and center. He also appears on political panels and the like.

With this blog, an unfiltered venue for him to speak his mind, he will shoot himself in the balls.

He is already attacking the bloated provincial government golf industry, and good on him for it... of course, it is because him and his buddies lost their tee times, but still, the enemy of your enemy...

Of course, his friends now run that clusterfuck of a good old boys network... but he can't resist commenting... the potential for hilarity is massive.

Moreover, he has enough money to go and buy himself new balls once he shoots his current set off.

This blog will be entertaining to me for a while, me thinks.

I'ev only had one dealing with Mr Banks, when I was a student working as a waiter over the summer. He tipped 15 per cent, and I got a kick out of watching his son run around with a lobster bib on like a Superman cape. He was a good customer.

That, and he once passed me in his very nice looking sports car. I would have passed me too.