Thursday, November 13, 2008


Odds and ends on many topics we have covered here before:


The Raptors are .500. Cup half full, Jermaine O'Neal is coming into form nicely and if Bargnani keeps it up he could end up playing in a Three Big Line-up with Bosh and O'Neal, as the only 7ft small forward in the league.

Cup half empty, the three spot is either a guy who won't play his role (Moon), or a slow guy who can't defend (Kapono). The difference is, Moon doesn't know he can't shoot, Kapono knows he can't defend. Trade Moon and some of the bench to get a legit three. Plus, Calderon got hurt last night. Here's hoping four days is enough to help him recover.

I've seen parts of all of the first eight games. My goal is to watch all 82 this year, but life gets in the way of that sometimes. Thanks God for "Raptors Game in an Hour" on Raptors TV. They cut out the timeouts and some of the free throws and squeeze the game into a one hour block.

I've also managed to turn my partner into a basketball fan. The best way to do this is to watch the same team over and over again, until the person you are trying to hook gets to know what to expect from the players.

She also thinks Sam is cute when he makes his "I can't believe Moon took another three" face. To each their own.


Go read these articles from Newsweek. They had reporters behind the scenes on both US Presidential campaigns. The deal was, no reporting until after the election. Fascinating stuff. I learned that Obama slid in a Jay-Z reference that the crowd got and the national press missed, and that he curses in private. Makes me like him more.


The Boy made a video for YouTube. He usually just watches mash-ups of Kriby and Mario, but he wanted to put up something himself. So enjoy "The Ian Funny I", with many more to follow, as he has a limitless supply of those moves:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Letters, oh, they get letters

Sometimse I get nostalgic for working on PEI, and meeting interesting characters that are unique to the Island. To fix that, I usually read Letters to the Editor.

Much credit to the Graphic newspapers. They gave me my first job, and will publish the most batshit crazy Letters to the Editor.

Check out this gem, from this weeks Graphics (support indy media, go buy a Graphic, except in West Prince, where you should take one home from your mailbox and shop at the stores who advertise there).

I had just finished trapping my fifth raccoon and was preparing to trap a sixth one when I read in the newspaper that a permit is needed before one is permitted to trap raccoons. Understanding, now, that this regulation comes from a country that bestous its highest honour on a man who aborts babies for a living. A country that allows monsterous and ugly windmills to be erected within “spittin” distance of ones front door and one that allows taxpayer’s money to be used to prop up the liberal, left wing CBC. Something seems to be wrong with this picture. (May I suggest that Fox News Channel is an interesting alternative to the CBC). By the way, I think that I should offer an apology to those cuddly creatures who were destroying my garden. I hope that they can find it in their raccoon hearts to forgive me for trapping them without a permit- no Order of Canada for me. Sincerely Donnie Doyle Campbellton

Abortion, raccoons, Order of Canada, CBC vs Fox News.... this letter has it all.

On the subject of Fox News, I was watching their election coverage last night during commercials on CNN. They say "givin'" instead of giving, and the anchor had too much makeup.

They also called Georgia for McCain a half an hour before CNN, which is based in Atlanta.... funny, they called at the same time they gave Pennsylvania to Obama... softening the blow I suppose.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ego management

So, of course I did a vanity Google today. I'm good for one a month, usually I search my name minus the term "crappie". because my internet doppleganger is a professional Crappie Fisherman.

I found this:

A link to just my CTV story, not the entire cast.

They have it up with their Canadian Press story about cabinet rookies.

Enjoy, I sure as hell did.