Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Because it worked

Long time, no blog. Don't worry, as soon as September rolls around, I'll be back up on this here thing.

I'm all for ripping off a good idea. For example, I saw one of our reporters a few months back having trouble getting a comment. She showed a shot of her knocking on their door and them not answering. Very effective, so much so that I wrote her and told her that I will rip it off at the first opportunity. It was a compliment.

So now I'm going to rip off another local blogger. Kate Nova needed a new apartment, and went to her blog to find it. It worked.

We are looking for a new place to live too. Nothing as dramatic as Kate's threatened homelessness, just want some more space for the boys to bounce off the walls in.

We want to get a house this time out, but have no real desire to own one, so I am turning to you dear readers.

If you know of anyone looking to rent a house in the Iqaluit area, who would like to rent it to a dual-income family of professionals with incredibly good looking children, let me know.

There will be a prize for the person who finds us our new digs... a small prize (scans the office for something approriate).. a prize pack consisting of an APTN HD fridge magnet, one of our limited edition APTN plastic bracelets, two APTN pens and an APTN lapel pin... in other words, stuff I'm supposed to be giving away anyway.

Copy this and send it to your friends who might have something in mind. Make it viral, use the awesome power of the internet to save me from having to make a modicum of effort.