Thursday, May 1, 2008

Imitation is

... the most sincere form of flattery. Barack Obama has been tossing out compliments left and right.

First, the allegations that the Senator from Illinois had lifted parts of speeches by friends and used them as his own.

As someone who has been paid to write, that one isn't a big problem for me, I've even had my own stuff used by friends when it absolutely fits.... perfect example, the lead line "It happens." to describe a sewer truck spill. The person who used it sent me a note to tell me they had used it, and I thought that was great.

So, no big problem with Obama using some nice turns of phrase from colleagues, coleagues who said on TV they didn't mind.

Now here is where I get into Barack Obama's crime against children everywhere. He stole a famous line froma beloved children's character, so obvious that his lovely young daughters could have told him he was stealing.

"Yes we can."

You can hear that chant at every Obama rally.
"Yes we can
Yes we can!

Guess who said it first?

That's right, Bob the Builder.

"Can we build it?

Bob the Builder predates Obama's "Yes we cans" by years. He better offer Bob a job with FEMA if elected. He owes that round little optimist a debt of gratitude, and a damn fine line.