Monday, January 14, 2008

There are lies, damned lies

and statistics. Inspired by Inflatable Elvis -- and powered by Statcounter -- here is a list of what people are searching for when they stumble across this blog:

Biggest hitter: Ralph Wiggum in '08
If you want hits on your blog, mention Ralph Wiggum.

Misinformation: Inuktitut
I have had searches for "say good morning in inuktitut" "inuit word for poop" "how do you say thank you in inuktitut"

Gatorade Scientists: World Juniors
Two different searches, one for the world juniors, and another for the ads

Piano Man: Piano Bar at the Top of the world
Someone looking for "piano bars in kent" found Kent talking about the piano at the Eureka Weather Station... hope they liked it, I liked writing it

Welcome to the Future: Bender
"bite my shiny metal x video"

and the Award for "The Strangest Search to End up at my Blog" goes to:
"gatorade charles manson"

I defy you to combine those into some sort of reasonable thought.