Friday, January 11, 2008

Prince of Prince Street

It is rare for me to see something -- short of a warm looking beach -- that makes me long for PEI. This short breaking news item from the Charlottetown Guardian's website did that... when you have time to track the streakers, there are not a lot of overriding social problems to be addressed.

Naked man marches down middle of Prince Street
The Guardian
Office workers and pedestrians were treated to a bizarre one-person parade
in Charlottetown this morning as a man walked down the middle Prince Street
stark naked.The man appeared to be "walking with a purpose' along the yellow
line on Prince Street, said a female witness, who didn't want to be
identified.She said the man didn't have a stitch of clothing on. He was even
barefoot as he marched along the cold pavement."He was in a full-fledged rant,'
said the witness.

"It was just a roar.'Police picked up the man shortly after he walked
through the intersection of Grafton and Prince streets. He was taken to the
Queen Elizabeth Hospital.The Guardian is trying to contact the police for more