Monday, January 7, 2008

Form lettr'd

I got form lettered -- or form letter'd for fans of Homestar Runner.

Long term readers will remember that back in December, I wrote Al Gore's people to try and get the rights to use the Al Gore Futurama commercial for an Inconvenient Truth in my year ender. One wrote me back with a nice letter, saying they didn't know who controlled the footage, but wishing me luck. Thanks, anonymous PR guy, you didn't suck.

Now to the one that did suck.:

Thank you for your kind request. Unfortunately, Mr. Gore's schedule is
extremely overbooked and we're unable to offer any availability. With
Gore's travel and work schedule booked fully throughout the year, it's
very difficult to decline invitations such as yours, but it's an unfortunate
inevitability of the growing influence of the climate crisis message and the
demand on Mr. Gore's time. We do apologize, but thank for your interest.

I didn't ask for availability, I asked for the clip of Bender dismissing global warming.

So, as Bender would say, they can bite my shiny metal ass.