Monday, February 2, 2009

Readers Beware

I don't think I'm jaded, but I have been to court a lot. I've sat in on sex cases, murders and most of the sick things that pop to mind when you consider court coverage.

That said, I'm damn glad I don't work in Nova Scotia.

You've heard about the Boudreau case, right? A mother kills her own daughter to keep her dirtbag boyfriend, runs to the press to cry about her being missing, and then the details come out.

There are stories here that will make you sick to your stomach.

CBC Story

Herald on the neighbour

Herald on the crime

There is evil out there. Real evil. The kind of evil that does the things in those stories.

I'm not one to break into tears over the monitor, but I didn't make it all the way through these stories without a break.

EDITED TO ADD: The police really did their job right in this case. Solid good policework from a local department. Some things work sometimes.

EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: The boyfriend tried to kill himself last night. Read about it here.

and more about the sting they used to get the confession here.