Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Make Believe That A Full Year Stayed In the Heat"

Step 1: Go to Smothered in Hugs brand new website.

Step 2: Go to the AV Section, and download FIVE SONGS.

Step 3: Listen to Passmore Radio.

Step 4: Tell me what the fuck he is singing....

I listen to these guys and get visions of listening to REM on vinyl at my buddy Errol's place. They are like before Peter Buck got let down by his bandmates.

These guys are from PEI, I think they are great, and even the member of the band I know didn't have any idea what they were singing about in Passmore.... go figure...

We also should have gone to jail this summer -- or at least had a stern talking to by the police of the dangers of melon based frivolity -- but I digress.

"The Healing Power of Injury" sounds great from what I have heard. Check it our yourself.... or watch them right bloody here: