Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Good eats

Tuesday night is the new Friday in Iqaluit. Italian buffet at The Water's Edge, all you can eat for $35. There is even a chef on the buffet line to do up custom pasta for you, along with all the lazagna, Italian sausage, and tasty tasty chocolate cake you can eat.

As for the real Friday, Jack Layton -- and presumbably his moustache -- are coming to Iqaluit to tell us all about The New Strong. All I know for sure, I know who I'm talking to on Friday.

That's two leaders so far. Mr. Dion has been here twice previously, but I wonder if he'll make a third trip.

If Elizabeth May makes it up here, I would like to know why the Green Party logo looks so much like the British Petroleum logo. Think I'm crazy, look here:

Spooky, huh?