Friday, October 31, 2008

Following rising stars

Well, Leona Aglukkaq's meteoric rise to the top of Canada's political food chain is pulling a few people along in it's wake.

Namely, me.

If everything goes as planned, tune in tonight to CTV National News to see a shorter version of my "Local Reaction" story about Ms Aglukkaq.

See all our Nunavut regulars (Jim Bell, Premier Okalik, Hunter Tootoo) on the big news.

If it doesn't work out tonight, it will air sometime on the weekend.

Also, a scoop for you. Aglukkaq's first major interview, Question Period this Sunday. I hope she comes ready, Craig Oliver sharpens his teeth on federal rookies.

It will be very nice to hear "For CTV News, I'm Kent Driscoll of APTN National News, in Iqaluit".

Mike Duffy isn't their only former Islander now.