Monday, March 23, 2009

More Dead Milkmen

Today I bring you quote worthy quotes from the non-distorted punk pleasure that is The Dead Milkmen's masterpiece, Bucky Fellini:

I like to scream
I like to yell
That's 'cause I'm sick
And I need help
The specialist won't hurt me
He's not like the nuns
He's got a lot of pretty pills
I think I'll take some yellow ones
Take me to the specialist

- Mr. Huberty
- Yes god
- You wouldn't happen to have any power tools?
(psychopathic laughter)

Wonderin' what would happen if Nancy Sinatra suddenly freaked out and
climbed a tree and decided she doesn't want to do 'These Boots are Made for
Walking' any more and all she ever wanted to do for the rest of her natural
life was hum the 'Theme to Swat'.

I always thought they were saying "And own a beaver swatch" instead of the Theme to Swat thing..... really doesn't matter, neither makes much sense.

Poke out your eyes
And move to Portland
Kill your wife
And move to Portland
Burn down your home
And move to Portland
Come on everybody!
We're movin' to Portland

The episode of Lost called "NOt in Portland" should have featured this song.

When we get to Graceland
We'll have to ride a bus
We'd better watch our language
Or the guards will beat us up
We'll get to make some cheap jokes
And buy cheaper souvenirs
If this were Disneyworld
I'd buy a pair of Elvis ears

Two, three, four!
Look out Stevie Ray Vaughn
Look out Charlie Sexton
Look out you cheesy Texas mother fuckers!

Don't try to tell me that you're an intellectual
Cause you're just another boring bisexual
"I met Andy Warhol at a really chic party"
Blow it out your hairdo 'cause you work at Hardees (When Rod says "Hardees"
there's the sound of a page turning)
80 pounds of make up on your art school skin
80 points of I.Q. located within

Out in the woods
Up to no good
I wanna make friends with the badger

Let's go dinin' on rocks and glass
Get the hiccups if we eat too fast
See how long our love can last
Let's go dinin' on rocks and glass

You are invited
To The Blood Orgy of the Atomic Fern
You are invited
So many things for you to learn
You are invited
You might wanna bring some extra dip
A case of RC Cola
And a couple of leather whips

Jellyfish heaven
Is not like Japan
Jellyfish heaven
Is not like Thailand
Jellyfish heaven
Is a lot
Like LA