Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday CB4

I sent The Boy to school wearing his Chris Bosh shirt today... actually, he sent himself. He wears it as often as it is clean, and often tries to when it isn't.

If you aren't following the latest Chris Bosh saga, I'm not going to fill you in. I will quote this:

Vincent Wills, who is representing Bosh, said: "Chris denies the non-support. We will be filing a reply at the end of the week."

There you have it. That is what Chris Bosh's lawyer is saying. The Toronto Star convicted him with the headline "Deadbeat Dad". Not even an "accused" in there, even though his ex is the only one to file papers.

Or, as Doug Smith - who has folowed the Raptors since Day One -- wrote:

If all of the points made in the case are true, Chris Bosh has absolutely bamboozled me and thousands of other people he’s come in contact with on an almost daily basis during the past six NBA seasons.

Remember, this is a guy who gave $1 million to a toronto Foundation he started. Doesn't sound too tight with a dime to take care of his own dauighter to me.

There are two sides to every story, I hope Bosh's side comes out sooner than later. I'm sure the truth isn't pretty, but it may not be so one sided.

The article breaking the story was accurate and good, the headline was shit, and the guy who broke the story (fucking Feschuk) usually writes opinion. Today, he is back with an opinion story about Bosh and the situation... which hat are you wearing today Feschuk?

I should mention that the story broke on BOsh's 25th birthday. Remember when you were a 25 year-old millionaire? I'm sure you didn't make any mistakes...

Tonight, I want him to score 40 points. Nothing says "Hey Toronto Star headline writer, go eat a bowl of fuck" like dropping 40.