Friday, September 19, 2008

Random Vacation Highlights III

My son is The Cat Whisperer.

After picking up my partner and the baby in Ottawa, we make our way to my parent's place, where the baby discovers the kitty.

I sent Elwood to live with my family before the baby was born, for his safety and the baby's. The baby had never met the cat.

He sees Elwood, looks at us, and cracks up laughing. The cat, obviously indignant, meows at the baby. The baby thinks is the funniest thing ever and meows back at the cat.

The baby never tires of this routine, and spent two weeks pursuing the poor kitty wherever he went. The cat -- to his credit and my surprise -- never once tried to take a piece out of the little guy. My friends have labelled Elwood as "untrustworthy", but he did a lot to shed that reputation with Irniq.

When we went to the Wildlife Park, the baby started making his cat noises at the cougar, and the ducks, and anything else with fur or feathers. As far as he knows, all animals speak cat.