Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Racism I

From now on, when I see an instance of racism, I plan to tell you about it. Sadly, for Iqaluit, I don't think that Racism I will be the only one, just one in a series of ugly vignettes, and they are all true.

Here is the first one:

An Inuit woman gets into a cab, that already has another passenger. That is the way the cabs work here BTW, anyone can get into anyone elses cab. Think small buses, that go where you want them to.

She forgets her bank card, and tells the driver, "Can we go back to get it, you can charge me for the extra stop."

The driver obliges, because, you know, people forget their bank cards and he wants to get paid. The white woman who was already in the cab was not as kind.

They get to the bank, and she starts by saying, "You know, she is going to run off. She'll never pay you." When she comes back, money in hand, she is still going on, "Wow, what a surprise, you are going to get paid."

Making a determination that someone is not going to pay your cabbie, based on nothing but the ethnicity of the person who is supposed to pay, that is racism.

I don't know if that makes her a racist, but that is a racist statement.