Friday, September 19, 2008

Random Vacation Highlights II

After the wedding I flew to Ottawa to pick up my partner and the baby, then on to Halifax to get home before my parents did. My flight out of Vancouver was at 7 am.

I was at the wedding reception until past 12 and at the after party until about 3:30 am. My wake-up call was at 5 am.

My cell phone started ringing at 5 am (thanks to my partner not having faith in my ability to wake up after a long night of boozing). Then my wake-up call comes in at 5:05 am. Then at ten after, my Dad shows up at the door, you know, just to make sure.

I was on that plane, and I recommend flying very drunk to anyone who:

A - Doesn't get mad when they drink
B - Has such a "great" support system of people who doubt you, so that you actually get on the plane
C - Isn't the one flying the plane.

I remember security in Vancouver, and going outside for a smoke in Calgary. Aside from that, it is just blurs and sleep. I have never slept so well on a plane.

Fly drunk, you'll thank me.