Friday, June 27, 2008


It is here by popular demand, and by popular, I got one e-mail asking to see this video online.

There is a video out there on the internet that is very famous as being the sickest goddamn thing you can ever see. I'm going to spell it out, because I don't really want the traffic that would bring.... let's call it


Yes, that video. I've seen it. It is gross. Very gross. So gross that it inspired a response, followed by many.

That is the riccochet. This video was originally posted to promote a pornographic movie. After going through the mass filter of the interweb, a popular trend emerged.

Show the sick video to friends and loved ones, and tape their response. It is safe to watch at work, and doesn't show any sick stuff. Just people being grossed out, which is good clean fun for all.

You have to love a medium that can reform a concept like that into something like this.

My favourite hip-hop group, the one and one and one and only hip-hop band The Roots gathered around the computer to watch the video. Kermit the Frog has a famous response up there as well, but Kermit, well, Kermit has strange tastes.

So, me being a bit of a sadist, showed that infamous video to my lovely partner, taped her response, and put it up here for us all to enjoy. She does say a few bad words though, but you would too: