Thursday, March 6, 2008

Forget my Olympic status

I'm going pro.

Next week, all the northern bureaus of APTN National News will be going to the Arctic Winter Games in Yellowknife. That means five reporters and three camera operators.

That left me wondering how to best cover the games. Then I thought, why not blog them. I have a digital camera which does short videos, internet access, and expereince at using this damnable thing, why not combine it into a running account of my time at the games?

I pitched the idea, it was met with acceptance, and I will be providing running online coverage of the Arctic Winter Games in Yellowknife. We only get a few minutes a night for this on the program, we might as well have a place for the stuff we can't use.

I'm excited, this is the direction journalism is heading in -- multi-platform, non-traditional, Internet ready -- and I'm thrilled that I work for a company that is willing to embrace the idea of doing this.

I'll post a link here, but you heard it here first. I have given up my Olympic status, I'm officially a professional blogger.... for the next week at least.

And I have pros working on layout for me... it is nice to have support.

See you in YK, I'll be the guy constantly working with a digital camera, making obscene threats about the speed of my Internet conenction. No rest for the wicked, or the ones who pitch good ideas ;0