Friday, March 28, 2008

Dirty minds

Last night, I had a story on APTN National News, about a particularly awful alleged crime that happened here in Iqaluit. For that story, we needed to have a shot that showed pornography, without actually showing pornography. Our erstwhile technical ace said he would take care of it, and the result was inspired.

Our man here in Iqaluit took some footage from YouTube and shot it out of focus. The result was supposed to be less dirty looking footage. The actual result looks ever dirtier than the original in focus stuff.

Check it out here:

Or here:
First story, look for it, you won't have to look twice.

TV is a distorting medium...

Stay tuned until the end -- or skip to it, who am I to tell you what to do -- to see Iqaluit based Inuk RCMP Officer Henry Coman return home after a tour in Afghanistan, to cleanse the palate after my horribly disturbing story.