Friday, July 31, 2009

Starbury Part II

Strange days my friends, strange days. Tried to check in on our friend Starbury (and I am ordering a set of those low budget shoes he makes, maybe three, one for me, one for The Boy and one for The baby.... that is still under $45) and things are afoot.

Went to the website he has been hosting from, and saw this:

So, Marbury must be good for business, "no dickering".

Then check out his Tweets (I feel dirty just writing that, Tweet).:

From -- @starburymarbury:

A lot of people where asking for a hot line number. Well here it is. Call me anytime. Love is love. I love you more then you know 9179237775

How would you like to see a movie on starburyTV staring your favorite actor. Man that would be a vision to see wouldn't it..

ESPN did not show up but TMZ did. They can't capture the moment because the tell lies I'm going to show you the clip where they do. Trust.

So, I'm calling Starbury today. He claims that is his real phone number and all. I'm just wondering what to ask him....