Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Guilty pleasures

Aside from obsessing on Championship Manager, yet again...

Sorry Mom

It features stories about the guy they shouldn't have brought home, but did. Never have I seen the phrase "whiskey-dick" thrown around with such abandon.

Texts From Last Night

Featuring classic texts such as
(310): im at the bar and i misjudged a fart...go home or ride the night out?Never mind, the bouncer made the decision for me...be home soon

(925): Having your wife answer your cell was so lame. Maybe we can talk when you get your phone, your facebook account, and your balls back.

(301): Dude, don't freak out but the girl who stuck the hair brush in her ass is here. I can't look her in the eye!!

I have just killed your next day of productivity.... enjoy the misadventures of others.