Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Just sharing some of my favourite web comics here. First up, Garfield Minus Garfield... didn't you know, if you take Garfield out of Garfield comic strips, you get a strange journey into the disturbed mind of Jon Arbuckle.... look and see:

EDITED TO ADD: I can't make these images fit this column. Just click for the full size..... ESPECIALLY the Jesus one.

Jesus VS Nazis comes back on Jan. 19.... Jesus Christ, In The Name of the Gun has taken an epic turn as of late, with JC and his affable sidekick Ernest Hemmingway taking out Nazi's left and right, always stopping to make a poop joke. Enjoy this page, and buy the book when they release it later this year. The paper copy includes the Adventures of Hemmingway in Vietnam, can't miss.

Take that, Hitler.... I love this book.

Finally, Friday brings abut the long awaited return of Battlestar Galactica. Who is the 5th Cylon.... I don't care. I'm more interested in what happened when all those Centurions received free will.... saying please won't work on them much longer, as Gaius Balther has been putting ideas in their toaster heads.

Also, no way that Adama or Roslin live. A reoccouring theme in the series has been that in order for the child to reach maturity, the parents must die. Adama and Roslin are Mom and Dad. There is a fourth season marathon starting on Friday at 10 am.... I do have some overtime built up, I should take the day.

So, two more Battlestar LOL cat for youse guys.

Enjoy, and visit The House to vote for the Nunies.

Since my AWG blog was snubbed, I advise you to vote for Qanuippit as Best New Blog. There is some really heartfelt writing there.

Qanuippit is linked here on the side. I'd recommend it.... hell, I nominated it.

And one final note. Just because you have two IP addresses, don't vote twice. These awards are simple and no one should be trying to throw them one way or another. Just vote your heart and let it be.