Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Charles Manson RIP

My beloved bio photo has changed. The photo you see below is my treasured "Charles Manson" bio photo from my previous job. Inflatable Elvis took it on one of the first days we met, and I think it gives me an aura on invinciability.

See it here in splendor:

However, seeing as I work in television, when we went to Winnipeg, they took new bio photos. That way, when something awful happens (or something good) they have a recent photo to use. You can just fill in the script:

Kentofthenorth, of Iqaluit Nunavut was found yesterday [insert thing here].

And here is the new photo..... I'm warming to it, I'm sort of smirking ;)

I'll miss ol' Mr Manson, but life goes on.