Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Justice delayed

Justice delayed is justice denied, but no one in Nunavut is denying anything.

Here are the three parts in my three-part feature for APTN National News, titled "Justice delayed." Part one today, I'll edit and add parts two and three as they come up.

I received unprecendented cooperation from the Justice department, and I even have a judge in there. Anyone who has ever tried to interview a judge before knows, they just don't talk to reporters all that often.

Also, the next time I suggest a three-part anything that includes two lawyers, one judge, and a civil servant, kick me square in the nuts. They answer fine, they all just answer long.

Part One: Waiting for court (after the first commercial break)

Part Two: Standing room only at jail (before the first commercial):

Part Three: Things are different here (last item of the show):