Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Links, and why they are here

I have removed the "tags" section from the sidebar because it was going on for too long and I rarely use the same tag twice, making it huge. Plus, there is a trick going on here.

I watched a documentary about Google, and learned that one of the major factors in Google's secret formula for ranking websites is links. The more links you have out there to your stuff, the higher it is ranked on Google.

So, linking to a site is just like voting for it.

That is why the links section of this blog is getting so damn long, there are lots of things I would love to vote for. Here is a selection of the few things I have linked to in the past week or so:

24b/6: One bored Australian with a cutting sense of humour and a desire to turn mundane things into his own personal attack on the world.

Crying While Eating: Just what it bills, people crying while eating, and explaining what they are crying about and what they are eating.

Encyclopedia Dramatica: These guys a razor sharp and vicious, so I'll use their own description, out of fear "The mission of the Encyclopedia Dramatica is to "spread the lulz". In other words, we exist to provide a place to catalog episodes of parody, humor and satire located on the internet, along with all associated language, individuals and media."

One Post Wonder:: Blogs that only lasted one post.

If you blog, and find something you think is deserving of recognition, for goodness sake, LINK to it. It is a vote on Google, and you can actively support whatever you want to support. In my case, it is Jesus VS Nazis, maybe you like other stuff..... just support what you appreciate.