Friday, May 8, 2009

The Colbert Bump

The good people over at Nunatsiaq better get ready for the Colbert bump.

Faux conservative commentator Stephen Colbert name checked Nunastiaq News last night. I was damn near alseep, looked up, and sure enough, I saw the Nunatsiaq logo on the screen.

In his feature "Smokin' Pole: The Quest for Arctic Riches", he talked about this article from last week's paper:


He followed the discussion of Inuit sovereignity by looking into the camera and saying "THOSE INDIANS ARE TRYING TO STEAL OUR LAND."

Colbert takes credit for all of the success someone has after an appearance on his show, he calls it The Colbert Bump, after Ron Paul went from 1 to 3 per cent after an appearance.

Congrats, and when The Comedy Network gets around to putting it up on their site, I'll put the link here.

EDITED TO ADD: "Known locally as the cold grey lady".